The Department for Education (DfE) is responsible for funding the EPFT scheme.

Under the EPFT scheme, funding allocated to successful candidates covers tuition fees for all three years of the course, and a bursary for the first year, all of which will be paid to the university by the DfE on the candidate's behalf.

  1. First Year Bursary
  2. Second and Third year bursary/salary arrangements
  3. Self-funded training places
  4. Alternative sources of funding

First Year Bursary Back to top


In your first year, the university will pay the bursary directly to you. The amount you will be paid is:

  • £15,950 per annum if your course is outside London
  • £16,390 per annum if your course is in London


Second and Third year bursary/salary arrangements Back to top


Arrangements for the second and third years of training vary. Most employers offer practice placements during which you are paid a bursary, while a small number offer employed posts where you are paid a salary.


Self-funded training places Back to top


Individual universities determine whether to offer places for self-funding students and, if so, how many. If you are interested in applying for a self-funded place, you must contact the relevant university directly. The DfE does not cover any of the costs for self-funded trainees.

You must apply for a self-funded place directly to the university offering such places, not through the EPFT online application system. You can apply for both EPFT scheme and self-funded places but you must inform the AEP if there is any change to the status of your EPFT scheme application.


Alternative sources of funding Back to top


The EPFT scheme is currently the only funded Educational Psychology training scheme in England.