Application Guidance

Applicants should note:

  • The AEP will not accept any requests to alter university choices after the closing date.
  • Successful submission of an application online does not constitute confirmation of eligibility for entry. 
  • Once an application is submitted no further changes can be made. A submitted application can be cancelled. However, applicants who choose to cancel their applications will not be permitted to re-apply for the same entry year.  
  1. References
  2. Referees unable to complete a reference online
  3. Data protection and references
  4. Procedure for processing applications
  5. Shortlisting and interviews
  6. Offers under the EPFT scheme

References Back to top


All applicants need to ensure that they submit two references: an academic and a relevant work experience reference. We do not expect referees to provide highly detailed and extensive references and a focus on the criteria outlined below will be sufficient. It is important that referees are able to confirm that you are known to them and that they provide a brief statement relating to suitability of your academic skills or experience relevant to training as an Educational Psychologist.

Academic Reference
We anticipate that the majority of applicants will be able to provide an academic reference from an academic known to them. However, in the rare circumstances where this is not possible a reference written by another professional colleague would be acceptable so long as this focuses explicitly on academic skills. It is important that in these circumstances the referee addresses the academic competence criterion, this could be by commenting on CPD you have undertaken and how you use your psychological knowledge and research/evaluation skills.

Academic referees are asked to provide an assessment of the applicant, particularly in the following areas:

  • Confirmation of knowledge of the applicant
  • Opinion of the applicant’s academic competence
  • Any notable achievements
  • Suitability to train as an Educational Psychologist


Work Experience Reference
Your current or most recent employer should provide a relevant experience reference. It may be helpful to know that references are required to proceed beyond the initial shortlisting stage but it is the confirmation of suitability rather than the detail that is important.
[To fulfil safeguarding requirements please note that if you are temporarily working in a role that does not include relevant experience with children or young people, or have been working somewhere less than 3 months, you can ask a third referee to provide a reference in addition to your current employer].

Relevant experience referees are asked to provide an assessment of the applicant, particularly in the following areas:

  • Confirmation of knowledge of the applicant
  • Overview of range of experience in current role
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Creativity, problem solving skills and evidence of use of psychology
  • Suitability to train as an Educational Psychologist


Referees unable to complete a reference online Back to top


Where possible, referees should complete an online reference. If this is not possible we may make alternative arrangements for them to provide their information via email or post. We can upload this information directly onto the application system. Referees are asked to contact us about this at as soon as possible.

Please note: AEP support is available Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm. We aim to respond within two working days.


Data protection and references Back to top


The AEP operates in compliance with data protection legislation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you a right to access the data we hold about you. However, GDPR also imposes on us a duty of confidentiality to third parties, which includes referees. We are not able to disclose references without the permission of the referee. We will not process requests to view a reference until the application deadline has passed. If you would like to view your reference before this time, please contact your referee directly.


Procedure for processing applications Back to top


Your completed application can be accessed by your chosen universities as soon as you have submitted it. However, universities are unable to see which other institutions you have selected.


Shortlisting and interviews Back to top


Shortlisting and interviews will take place after the application deadline and be completed by the interviewing deadline. If you are shortlisted you will be called for an interview directly by the university or universities concerned.

If you are unsuccessful in your application, the university will update the status of your application on the online system to let you know their decision.


Offers under the EPFT scheme Back to top


The participating universities will make all offers for EPFT scheme places by 12pm, 13 April 2022. If one or more universities offer you a place your status on the online application system will be updated to show that you have been made an offer and you should also receive a separate notification by email or letter from the university.

Applicants are permitted to accept only one EPFT scheme place, all others must be rejected. Participating universities will not automatically be made aware that an applicant has accepted an offer elsewhere and, therefore, rejected their offer. To do this you must respond to each individual offer through the online system. Please note that you do not have to give a reason for your decision.

You will have until the 20 April 2022 at 12pm to accept or decline any offer of an EPFT scheme place.

If you do not respond to any offer by the 20 April 2022 deadline you will be considered to have withdrawn from the application process. The scheme place will be offered to another applicant.

Once you have accepted an offer of an EPFT scheme place this decision is final and cannot be changed.